Upcoming events

'Nella Luce' in Garlands for Steven Stucky concert |
November 10, 2017

Pianist Gloria Cheng has asked thirty-two composers to offer Garlands for Steve for a recording and concert tour in honor of our late friend, composer Steven Stucky.  My offering, Nella Luce, is named after Steve's beautiful string quartet, Nell'ombra, nella luce (In Shadow, in Light), and has kernals embedded from two Stucky new music classics, Boston Fancies and The Stars and the Roses.  Gloria Cheng in Recital: Garlands for Steven Stucky, Brown University, Granoff Center, Martinos Auditorium November 10 at 8pm.  

'Nella Luce' in Garlands for Steven Stucky |
November 12, 2017

The third of this brief tour by Gloria Cheng of Garlands for Steven Stucky, including Nella Luce, before Gloria goes into the recording studio for this project, which will also include works by Steve himself.  An extended tour will follow the release of the recording; stay tuned.  Gloria Cheng plays Garlands for Steven Stucky, Cooperage Project, Honesdale, PA, November 12th at 5pm.  

Thornton Edge in new music with a beat |
November 20, 2017

Donald Crockett leads Thornton Edge in a concert of toe-tapping music for ensembles large and small, including music by Dan Visconti, Don Freund, Sean Friar and Sarah Gibson.  Newman Recital Hall, USC campus, 7:30 pm.

Commission for HOCKET and Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra |
May 12-13, 2018

Donald Crockett has been commissioned by the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra for a new work for HOCKET: 4 hands in and around a piano etc. etc. plus a conductorless chamber orchestra of nineteen musicians.  HOCKET is Sarah Gibson and Thomas Kotcheff, composer-pianists, collaborating with Kaleidoscope from the Steinway.  A co-commission consortium is in the works, with Kaleidoscope, Aspen Music Festival and Oberlin Sinfonietta; stay tuned for additional details.

New Music USA commission for SAKURA cello quintet |
August 2018 premiere

Donald Crockett has received a commission from New Music USA to compose a major work for the outstanding young cello quintet, SAKURA, for late-summer 2017.  Stay tuned for details!  Updates on the project also available at the New Music USA website.